BAKE OFF, always one step forward

Professional electrical and gas ovens for baking and bread making


30 years of research, partnership and development to give the market new solutions and strong , elegant products for great performances.
Being the number one, with you.


We have always used high resistance materials only, to guarantee safety, strength, hygiene, energy saving and a long life through time.


We have turned a cold workshop tool into a fascinating design object, improving its features.


Innovation on cooking simply and precisely, innovation on saving time and energy, innovation in every part and every detail.


Our technology is shown in the precision of leavening techniques, cooking methods and flexibility of performing, maintaining, cleaning.

Italian Quality

We offer products designed and planned in Italy according to quality standards which are universally acknowledged as “excellent”.

VISION, technology that cooks

Out smart control panel

It Cooks

  • By convection
  • By steam
  • By mixed cycles
  • Many products altogether and with multitimer

It Bake

  • By using international and traditional Italian recipes, which are all saved in the product’s memory.

It Checks

  • The baking step by step, even the most delicate phases
  • The usage of accessories, the steam engines and automatic washing

It Certifies

  • The cooking data according to the HACCP protocol

It Communicates

  • Useful information for baking and cooking
  • I suggest options and advice
  • I report errors, distractions and malfunctions

It Contributes

  • I operate security functions automatically for your health
  • I correct program running and setting mistakes automatically

BAKE OFF, a 30-year-long story

We have been designing and producing ground-based ovens, rotating ovens, convection and steam ovens, electrical and gas ovens for the last 30 years; we meet the increasing need of combining easy usage and wide range automatic functions, with great attention for taste and design.

Since then, we have been designing and building our products aiming to guarantee the best technologies at the best price; our efforts are rewarded by the market with an increasing worldwide success of the BAKE OFF brand.