BAKE OFF is presented on the italian market

Bake off appears on the italian market with an innovation challenge on the baking branch: the open-plan cooking system and the direct sale of frozen-based products, combined by using specific appliances such as the SUPERBAKE convection ovens and the cook-and-rise DUPLO SUPERBAKE, SUPERBLOCK, MINILEVI and MINILEVIMATIC. That was the beginning of a revolution that would completely change the habits of producers and consumers.


The revolution goes on

The revolutions goes on, and after captivating large retailers, it moves on to smaller businesses such as bakeries, patisseries, snack-bar and fast food shops and service stations.

In the meantime, BAKE OFF has developed experience and skills for producing professional appliances, ideal for the most demanding sectors, offering quality and innovation: The MULTIFUNCTION OVENS, the GROUND-BASED MODULAR OVENS, the PULL-OUT-CART OVENS and the historic ROTORBAKE rotation ovens. That was the beginning of our sales to the main foreign markets, which became the widest part of our business in the following years.


MISTRAL appears

The Mistral oven, like the name says, keeps the promise of a warm blow of innovation on the market. Features and quality blend with design and taste, cooking becomes a show and the show leads to selling, directly from counter to client, more and more BAKE OFF, more and more around the world!


Innovation reinvented

Italian style and taste for design add more value to our usual technology and quality.
The wise combination of steel and glass makes the BAKE OFF appliances more captivating and practical, the new digital controls make them more precise and reliable.


The new revolution

Electronics becomes a strong part of professional equipments, and BAKE OFF does not miss a chance to be one step ahead in the market, renewing the entire range of products by introducing lcd display control panels. The complete and continuous control of all cooking functions becomes a standard; it helps achieve amazing precision targets, optimize consumption and reducing times and costs of usage..


Electronics becomes smart

BAKE OFF confirms and renews their passion fro innovation through the new symbol - total - touch VISION. Ovens are now work partners to talk to through an USB connection, or to ask for help for improving professional performances.
The company becomes a reference point in their branch for style and design, combined with efficiency and functionality.

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