Mistral 10 Diagonal Tray – electrical

Electrical convection over for bread making and baking

Mistral 10TTR is the most complete in the line.
It holds 30 years of experience and research on techniques of baking and bread making.

The fan inversion, which has been part of our products for over 20 years, guarantees uniform cooking and a huge energy saving.

This combined latest generation oven includes the most advanced technology; the room temperature control allows to perform the the most difficult and delicate cooking and the 10 baking stages can push bakers' imagination to a new level.

The ovens perform automatic cleaning, they are modular and can be overlapped; they are flexible to any production need and can be completed with leavening machine and pizza oven.

Technical Details

    10 TTR
Trays n. 10
Tray Size mm 600x400

Power Kw 20
External Size
Weight Kg 224

Download Area

Download the information about convection and steam oven for bread making and baking from the Mistral line.