Software update

Last version released: 105b

Download the latest version of software:  105b.rar

You just need a USB drive (possibly formatted so you avoid any kind of conflict) and follow the below instructions:

  1. Verify the software version on your oven through the control panel. (Settings > Information > Display FW).
  2. If your software version number is lower comparing to the updated version, download the Zip file “105b.rar” you find at the beginning of this page.
  3. Once you downloaded the Zip file, unzip it and copy all the extracted files into a USB drive (maximum capacity 16 GByte, formatted in FAT32).
  4. Insert the USB drive into the USB port you find on the VISION control board (the oven has to be powered, even if the screen is black).
  5. Read the instructions on the screen of the VISION control board which will warn you when it’s time to remove the USB drive (see pictures).
    (vedi foto).
  6. Wait approximately 1 minute that the control board shows the coloured button again (it means that the update was successful and you can turn on the oven).