Advanced cooking techniques

Multipoint probe & ΔT

The MULTIPOINT PROBE is an indispensable tool to reach with high precision the temperature set at the core. Thanks to the BAKE OFF technology we have given the MULTIPONT PROBE four sensors able to recognize animal and vegetable fibres but, above all, intelligent alarms that will guide you to always perfect gourmet cooking.

Vacuum Cooking (sous-vide)

The vacuum cooking method is a low-temperature process which permits to cook various kind of food (from 70° to 100°) with the controlled steam.

In this way it is possible to improve the shelf life of 3 times because of the oxygen absence which avoids the bacterial proliferation and the oxidation of the food. BAKE OFF, thanks to the “VACUUM PROBE”, is capable to perfectly control the temperatures during the cooking and with the “Steam control” will keep nutrients and the natural humidity of the product intact.

Low temperature

The low temperature cooking method is a technique used to preserve fish and meat’s weight and features intact. This method was born at the beginning of the 8th century AD when chefs had to cook huge cuts of meat or fish. To make them succulent and tender they needed long cooking times and recurring checks.

BAKE OFF, using the CONTROLLED CONVECTION tied to the MULTIPOINT PROBE, will allow you to realize perfect low-temperature cooking being sure of a great result.

In-Vase cooking

In the worldwide Gourmet kitchens, the in-vase cooking is a very innovative method to conserve all ingredients’ aromas and flavours kept sealed in vase during the cooking.

BAKE OFF, thanks to the “Steam control” working together with the “Multipoint probe”, will permit you to realize perfect in-vase preparations, all certified in the H.A.C.C.P log. Once you will open the vases, you will smell the explosion of the ingredients’ aromas.