Traditional cooking techniques


Roasting refers to the technique of cooking various kinds and cuts of meat. Very often, this technique causes from 45% to 50% weight loss and, with the risk of not reaching the correct temperature at the core.

BAKE OFF uses the MULTIPOINT PROBE, along with ΔT and COMBI STEAM, to ensure that the desired core temperature is reached and the perfect crunchiness of the outer crust of the roasts, with 25% maximum weight loss.


Cooking with the steam is considered by everyone the healthiest way to cook nowadays. In the traditional boiling method, we were losing almost all the hydro soluble substances in the water.

BAKE OFF has created the “Steam control”, the innovative system which has the direct injection of the steam which will permit you to completely saturate your cooking chamber in the shortest time, conserving in this way all of ingredients’ features avoiding crossed contamination.


Gratin is a very difficult and widespread technique, normally vegetables and fish are used with grated bread, Panko or corn flour etc. Usually using the salamander only to golden the panure.

BAKE OFF, for a perfect gratin, uses the CONTROLLED CONVECTION with uniformity of ventilation and temperature, so to give you the gratins always crunchy and well goldened.


This technique allows us to golden and finish the cooking in a uniform way of bakery products and frozen pastry.

BAKE OFF, with the experience gained over 30 years in the white art sector, has developed a controlled ventilation system that guarantees a constant flow of air and heat to give your products uniformity and fragrance.