Innovative cooking techniques


Grilling is usually done using gas or fry-top grills. These instruments require long pre-heating times and consequently a high consumption.

BAKE OFF, with the CONTROLLED CONVECTION system and the grill for meat and vegetables, will allow you to grill succulent steaks, vegetables and fish in controlled mode thanks to the MULTIPOINT PROBE system that will perfectly follow your cooking until the desired temperature is reached.


For frying is intended to dip battered, floured or breaded in hot oil. While cooking, foods absorb high amounts of oil that make dishes fatter and not very digestible.

BAKE OFF uses to fry with the CONTROLLED CONVECTION function which, together with the GRID CONTAINER FOR FRIED, will allow you to cook, without dipping in large quantities of oil crisps, battered vegetable cutlets and all the fried products in a perfect and healthy way.


By regeneration we mean the technique that allows you to bring the food back to service temperature without altering the previous cooking process.

The BAKE OFF COMBI STEAM system makes regeneration a simple operation: this to give all dishes the right temperature and, at the same time, maintain quality.

Grill cooking

By grill cooking we mean cooking with spits. This historical cooking technique has very long times and the meat suffer a weight loss of about 45/50%.

BAKE OFF, through the system COMBI STEAM and CONTROLLED CONVECTION, will maintain the right humidity inside the meat losing at most 20/25% giving a perfect crispy and golden outer part.